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Opportunities in Self Storage Investing

Monte Fe Self Storage searches through many different resources for self-storage facilities that are for sale.  We are real estate investors and business acquistion managers.  We are not real estate agents or brokers; nor are we promoting securities.  The following are a few of the opportunities that we are currently considering, performing due diligence on, […]

Credit Card Borrowing

Is Now a Good Time to Get Started with Credit Card Borrowing? With an improvement in the current economic outlook and market liquidity conditions, banks are now looking at growth options to increase their earnings. As a response to greater competition and changes in risk appetite, banks and federal associations have eased underwriting standards to expand their […]

Financial Surprise – Need a Loan?

Why  Businesses Should Never Borrow Using Credit Cards? I never advocate that anyone borrow just to borrow. But if you need capital to flip houses, make payroll, invest in something that you know will reap a short-term profit, then you need access to capital. In the past few years, even though money has been tight, there have always […]

The Perfect Storm – Self Storage Investing

Self-storage is a very interesting industry.  It is one of the few that has remained immune to economic downturns. Not many industries out there have a track record of such stability, particularly within real estate. The History of the Self-Storage Industry This industry came into being in the US post-World War II period. Since then, it has […]

How to Get Started in Self Storage

Self Storage Investing – 3 Ways to Start You can get started  in Self Storage Investing as: Owner of a facility Investor with equity position Private money lender Which is right for you will depend on your personal goals, financial position and resources.  Most important, if participating in the lucrative, profit escalating self storage industry is a REAL […]

Texas Self Storage Association

Texas Self Storage Association is the largest state self-storage organization in the country providing a wide range of benefits to self-storage owners and operators in Texas. TSSA was founded in 1986 to provide opportunities for all self-storage owners and operators to learn, share and improve both their own businesses and the self-storage industry as a whole. […]

Need Help With Increasing Profits

he Monte Fe Self Storage team consists of entrepreneurs who have started businesses from the ground up, building them into successful professional businesses.  We know how to streamline operations, reduce expenses and increase profits.  Regardless of whether your facility is under construction, established or needing a larger share of the market; we can analysis, develop and implement a sales and […]